Friday, January 6, 2012

Seattle Airtport Airline Changes

Here is an update on changes to Airlines and the gates in Seattle.

Sidenote - United is now using both the North Terminal and Terminal B --- However, CO flights mostly leave from B, UA flights mostly leave from N -- but there are some exceptions especially late at night arrivals. For those connecting, its not easy - the Underground access in Terminal B is closed at the moment, so you need to walk to the Main Terminal and catch the underground train at the north end (follow signs for N Gates)

Here is the "plan"...there is still no exact timeline and some reports have the final moves not happening until 2013.

Delta Airlines will stay in place primarily at the South Satellite.

United Airlines and Continental Airlines will finally consolidate activities on the Concourse A (Great News! Here is hoping for a better United Club!)

Southwest/Airtran will consolidate on Concourse B.

Alaska and Horizon Airlines (which recently rebranded to the "Alaska" brand) will consolidate activities primarily at the North Satellite and Concourse C. Alaska will leave the D gates.

American, JetBlue and Frontier will move to the new "common use" D Gates that Alaska has now. Oddly this is where AA started from before the A concourse was built.

The Port says Hawaiian will move to the South Terminal - but not sure there is a whole lota room there for them, since DL/NW really make good use of the Gates there.

Virgin America will move from the nice A gates to the drab B gates - definately a downgrade unless B is getting a big refurb.