Friday, May 28, 2010

Trip Report - United Seattle to SFO (A320 ex-Ted)

United ex-Ted Airbus A320
Seattle to San Francisco Non-stop - 6 am departure

Trip Report and Review - United Airlines SEASFO, First Class

I got a rare upgrade between SEA-SFO due to an upgrade of equipment (A319 was replaced by an ex-TED A320). The first class cabin is configured a bit differently from the usual A320s. I was in Seat 3C

There is no closet in First Class on this plane, so the coats are hung up behind row 3 seats on a solid bulkhead - however the bulkhead doesn’t go to the floor for some reason.

There are no power ports - otherwise its the normal “new” leather first class seats.

The overhead bin space is a bit better than an A319, even 1CD have some overhead space above them.

Sadly the 6am SEASFO meal service is still just a drink and a puffy packet of 2 small cookies. Alaska still has a BIG leg up on United for First Class on this route, with a nice Fruit/danish plate.

Inflights were nice and watched over the mostly sleeping cabin fairly often. Better than usual United inflight service.

The flight left on-time and got into SFO 20mins early -- upon arrival the Pilot promptly announced that we all remember we got in early for the “next time we are late”. Oddly, my return flight to Seattle is was about an hour late.