Friday, May 28, 2010

SFO - Hotel Palomar

Hotel Palomar- A Kimpton Hotel
12 4th Street
San Francisco, CA

Room 522

Hotel Review and Trip Report - Palomar

I have stayed at this hotel about 4 years ago and not much has changed, but thats a good thing. The hotel staff is friendly and accommodating, the Kimptons touches are still here and the location isnt half bad. It is still a 4-star hotel in my book.

My (priceline) room was on the Fifth Floor -- the lowest floor of the hotel. The fifth floor also hosts the (once very-hard-to-get-into) Fifth Floor Restaurant. The Restaurant seems to have lost most of its glamorous status and the employees looked a bit more “relaxed” compared to its once top notch status. The 5th floor of the hotel also has the business center and fitness center.

Room 522 is an outside facing room. The room is on the Market Street side and directly above the huge Old Navy store entrance below. The room windows are double windows which block almost all the noise, but I could still hear an amateur plastic pail drummer outside my room trying to earn tips until about 9pm. The next two nights were very peaceful -- much of this due to the fact that President Obama was staying across the street in the Marriott Marque. The cops had cleared much of the traffic and street folks from the area. The Palomar did give each guest a “sorry hassle with the President” gift bag -- very nice touch!

This hotel occupies a very old San Francisco building, making some of the floors uneven in spots. Unfortunately - my bed had a huge sag in the middle due to the uneven floors -- and lots of use. But I was pretty tired each night, so I just sunk into the saggy bed every night.

The bed was my only issue with the hotel - otherwise the room was fine, everything worked and it was clean and mostly in pretty good shape. No coffee marker in the room - BUT free Coffee/Tea service starts at 6:00am near the Fifth floor restaurant.

The Palomar does host a free nightly wine tasting at 5pm each night on the Fifth Floor. Plus they offer the other usual Kimpton perks.

The location is good - the Apple Store, Union Square and SF Centre are all within a block of the hotel. The hotel is right next to the Powell MUNI/BART station. In addition, there are two Starbucks close by plus a Walgreens on Market Street.

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