Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trip Report - Delta Tampa to Seattle (NW metal)

On trip back to Seattle, I flew on Northwest via Minneapolis. The TPA-MSP flight was on a Northwest A319. The first class cabin had been "refreshed" with the Delta Blue leather seat covers, but the seats are still the very old Northwest seats.

These seats seemed like they were leftovers from the old DC-10s. No audio or Video on this aircraft either. Another annoying feature was the "curtain" behind row 4 separating the cabins. Its really just some leather draped from the overhead -- no real bulkhead, so avoid row 4 if you can.

Flight attendants were friendly and served a cold cereal tray -- almost exactly like the Delta flight, but this time it was Cheerios and no hot meal option. The Northwest inflight service is still done with rolling the carts in the first class aisle.

My connecting flight was a Northwest 757-300. Again, it had the Delta leather covers over some very old first class seats. Seats 1AB in first class do have a foot cut-out as you can see below. There is video on this aircraft.

The inflight service was very friendly, with a choice of a hot chicken sandwich (with WAY too much cheese) or a Fajita Chicken Salad. I chose the salad -- it was just ok. The chicken looked a bit unappetizing, but tasted fajita-ish. The salad had too much cheese and onion on it however. The best part was the Pecan Brownie in the package -- it was really good.

Pretty good flights on Northwest, the flight attendants are still Northwest-only at this point. The Northwest/Delta areas of the MSP airport are half renovated with the F Gates still in pretty sad shape. The H gates have been completely redone with new carpet.

Hopefully Delta will get some Video equipment and upgrade the First Class seats on the old Northwest airplanes.