Monday, April 27, 2009

Trip Report - United Seattle-Denver 757 at 5:39AM

Yikes - a 5:39am -departure time- is early!

I lucked out and got a First Class upgrade from SEA-DEN on a United 757 for this flight. My seat was 3C which is a good seat in the middle of the cabin.

At 5:20am the Captain came on and proceeded to make a extremely long winded announcement in a deep southern accent. I am sure he is a fine pilot, but it came across as too "good old boy" type of speech and it seemed to go on forever -- at least 5 mins.

At 5:20am I really want to try and catch some more sleep -- so it the length of his speech and the odd Dukes of Hazard theme was just annoying. To top it off his first real name was "Bubba" (yes really).

View from Seat 3c on United 757 -- still with old-style CRTs for Video.

The flight attendants were a bit on the "experienced" side, and service was done fairly well. I was given a choice of a fruit plate or "eggs with Cheese" -- I chose the eggs.

The eggs came with Potato Pancakes/Patties and Sausage -- wrapped in HAM. I could see my heart stopping due do to the fat content -- so I skipped the Sausage wrapped in ham bit.

The eggs werent too bad -- the flight attendants also gave out hot Croissants which were really good. But there was no jam/jelly provided.

As with most of United's 757, United had disabled the Empower ports in first class -- still not sure why they did this.

The flight arrived early in to Denver -- no other major issues. Just a basic domestic United flight in first class.

My return flight was an evening flight on a 757 as well. The Dinner was a pasta-white cheese combo. It was ok -- but not great. The dessert was an almost-stale piece of white/yellow cake.

I was in seat 1B on this United 757 return flight. While seats 1AB are -slightly- more forward than seats 1CD -- there is a small cutout for you feet on the 757 -- but only on the 1AB side. So I would choose a seat in 1AB over 1CD on a United 757. Kinda hard to see, but here is the cutout and legroom on Seat 1B on United 757.