Tuesday, November 25, 2008

United - Seattle-Denver 757 First Class

This is the EARLY (5:45am departure) to Denver from Seattle. The 757 was full in Coach (United upgraded my seatmate in 3D from coach). The service was much more attentive compared to my last United flight in first class.

Typical OJ/Water pre-departure service. Once in the air the flight attendants came by enough times to be helpful but not overbarring. Here is a shot of Seats 1AB, where United has placed the o2 bottle and other gear in the overhead above these seats.

The first class flight attendant was pretty senior and knew to go around to the Global Service, 1K and Premier Execs for first meal choices. This is another one of those things that costs the airline nothing, but provides some "value" to elite fliers. The omelet was some sort of cream filled thing, it was ok. The sausages and potatoes were cooked just right. The croissant was also warmed just right -- its my favorite part.

Flight was better than most on United...friendly, attentive service plus a full meal. Bonus: audio/video, seat mechanics, and overhead light all worked. Flight arrived a couple minutes early as well.