Monday, January 7, 2008

Trip Report - Delta Seattle-Atlanta 767-300

I have done this same flight a couple times in the past year, so I knew what to expect - basic Delta domestic service on a "refreshed" domestic 767-300. I like this flight, since its early morning and its the only real widebody service out of Seattle toward the East Coast. United and AA are using 757's or Airbus aircraft for the most part.

The flight started off somewhat normal, except for a couple odd things -- the Delta Gate agent made no "Zone 1" boarding call, and there was a dog barking in first class. But I thought, you know nothing is perfect. But I soon found myself on one of the most wacky flights I have been on in a long time.

I was seated in 4C, which is the last row of First Class in the middle section of this 767-300.

Soon after everyone was boarded, the wackiness started:

- Crazy lady from coach wanted to sit in First Class, because she wanted to be the first OFF the airplane (5 hours later in ATL). She wound up getting OFF the plane in Seattle, but only after re-opening the doors and bringing the Jetway back to the plane.

- After she was deplaned, we were told there would be a delay to "de-ice" the plane. The night before, Seattle had some snowfall. Maybe an inch or two, but none was on the tarmac. It was the wet-heavy kind of snow, so the de-icing was more about removing the snow than de-icing.

- The total time it took to "de-ice" was over an hour, as Delta decided to start with the plane next to us first -- even though we had the earlier departure time and about 80+ more people onboard.

- The flight attendant never showed the Safety Demo (I have never had this happen)

- Our meal service was announced with "Do you want the COLD plate or Eggs?" -- no "hello Mr OutFlyer", no real meal names, and very little "class"

- Someone kept disabling the overheard lights for the WHOLE plane

- Movie was unwatchable - the tracking was off and the picture kept rolling

- After spending over an hour on the ground once we did take off the pilot kept the seatbelt sign on for an extended period. A FC passenger got up to use the Lav but was denied by the flight attendant -- WHO THEN USED THE LAV HERSELF!

- Since we were about 90 mins late into ATL, almost all connections were missed, but the lead flight attendant said multiple times "Atlanta knows we are late and just check the monitors or ask the gate agent -- they will have the information"...of course we landed, and there was only a sole gate agent for 200+ people -- and oddly no Red Coat agent either.

There was more wackiness on the flight - Flight attendants forgot to turn off the movie -- it still played while we landed in ATL, blaming "sea-tac not having their act together for de-icing" and more -- but I think you get the drift.

I think this flight could have been just fine, even with the delay -- if the flight attendants had their act together. They just seemed more interested in gossiping in the galley and giggling about how they forgot about the safety demo, overhead lights, movie issues, and playing the movie during landing.