Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hotel Review - Milwaukee Hyatt

Hyatt Regency Milwaukee
333 West Kilbourn Avenue,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 53203

Hotel Review and Trip Report - Milwaukee Hyatt Downtown

I got this Hyatt hotel though Hotwire, after getting warnings about the 4-star hotel offering in Milwaukee (apparently the 4-star Ambassador Hotel is in a very sketchy area of downtown). This hotel was listed as a 3.5 star for $65 on Hotwire and turned out to be well worth it.

It has the typical Hyatt lobby with a huge open courtyard. Like the SF Hyatt, all room doors open to the inside facing the open area.

The check-in clerk was very pleasant and I got my key in no time. This Hyatt also offered a FREE airline check-in computer with printer -- it was a bit odd, but worked fine for Delta and United itineraries. Great time saver for business travelers.

My room was very clean and a good size with updated furniture and bedding. The desk was very usable, but the Wireless was NOT free -- plus it was provided via some random company wanting a credit card (ie Not t-mobile). Luckily the bar across the street had free wi-fi which reached my room.

The bathroom was very small, but again clean and well appointed. Nothing special, but a slight upgrade from the basic hotel room.

I only stayed here one quick night, but the staff was very friendly and rooms were decent and quiet. Oddly, I did get an email from Hotwire stating that they were downgrading this to a 3-star hotel (from 3.5 star) and I was given a credit to my hotwire account.

Honestly, this was probably a 3-star, but the 3.5 star designation helped in finding it on Hotwire. Now its lumped with other 3-stars -- which there are many in MKE.

Overall, an ok hotel in Milwaukee -- Hyatt could do better, but it was fine. Only major minus was the lame internet service.