Saturday, March 10, 2007

Trip Report UA EWRSFO Flight 95

United Airlines Newark to San Francisco (nonstop 757) - Flight 95 (March 2007)

EWR Gate Area: (D) This concourse has not been in proved in YEARS!!...Security line was minimal (this was around 4:30pm). The concourse also has Air Canada, Alaska, Air Tran, and Jet Blue. There is no fast food - only a small Starbucks and tiny TGIFridays which is packed. There are very few power outlets and the terminal has that "stuffy" feeling when full. Wireless access is not free and its from some random company -- not Tmobile or ATT.

Boarding: (C) The inbound flight (UA 90) was a couple minutes late so this created a bunch of eager travelers trying to get on the flight. Normally I expect to see 10-15 people getting in line for Boarding Group #1 -- but this flight was FULL of Gold Boarding Pass holders...there must of been at least 50 people all trying to get on when they called Group 1. The gate agent even went on the PA saying "There is no need to crowd, we wont leave anyone behind"...well thats fine, but I am concerned about want getting my Carry-on bag checked! I think they could have had the line more organized and called 1k/Premier Exec first and then the rest of Group 1.

Sure enough I had to put my bag in Row 16, one row behind me...ok, but this flight was PACKED with real frequent flyers.

Inflight: (B) The started the first movie very quickly (Happy Feet), drink/meal for sale service was ok -- but they ran out of Chardonnay and Sandwiches by Row 15 -- on the first pass through the cabin! One inflight was very good about bringing water by on a regular basis. They played Casino Royale after Happy Feet was completed, since it was a 5 1/2 hour flight the two movies helped it go by fairly quickly.

Flight: (A) Although we sat waiting at EWR waiting to take off for an Hour, we arrived a couple minutes early. The captain (Capt. Barhart) was a bit chatty, but was clearly one of those "good" United pilots. He handed out his business card to all the Premier Execs and 1Ks -- which was alot of people, I saw the stack of 30 or so cards. Only complaint - the fasten seat belt sign was on for WAY TOO long after we took off.

Seating: (A) I got 15A in the Exit Row on the 757, seatmate was normal. From this seat its a strain to see the movie if you have bad eyesight, otherwise this is a great seat with plenty of room and a restricted recline on the person in front of you.

Overall: (B+) Good solid United experience, with issues at boarding in Newark.

Fly Safe!


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